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Okay so I got my storyboard layed out and planed and ready to build in moviemaker. However i can not get movie maker to work unless I’m not doing it right. I do not own my own computer, I’m using the school computer.

Ideal Audience

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This is a blog by a person who is very upset with the government on raising alcohol prices. I like how this person uses tactics like living and working conditions that some people already have a hard time keeping up with. The author is really upset that consumers would have to pay more, business make more money and the government gets more tax. This article is really aimed at the people who drink and don’t drink alcohol. The author is an occasional drinker and is upset that he has to pay more money even when living conditions are expensive. I think the author main purpose was to get individuals mad about the increase in alcohol prices.Even though this is the opposite direction of my paper I like how he calls the government out on there descions to raise alcohol prices.

Youtube video

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This video was madeby a girl on the facts of alcohol. I like how its set up and the music in the video. The video provided a lot of information on alcohol and its consequnces. I don’t intend for my video to be like this becaue my video is between alcohol and the environment. So I will use more images and statistics to get the government attention on raising alcoholic prices in neighborhoods that are closer to campus.


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The most unethical thing that I have used from the internet is downloading music that I have not payed for. The site that I use to download music from other people put up the music for you and you can download it. In the digital world I know that there are copyright rules but I know that people do not follow them because we still have bootleg copies of music and movies that people sell for profit and the original person not getting there profit. I don’t really know what can be done because everything that we try there’s going to be someway you can go around it and downlaod whatever you need.

Review of Literature

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Starting the review of literature frightened me a little bit. The whole process of puttting all the information together is what really got me, when writing anything my organization skills is very bad but hopefully on this one I got things in the correct order. In going over my annotated bib. and review of literature I would give myself a A- or B+ because my sources match with what I am talking about in my review of literatue. I believe that I stay on my topic which is does an environment where a campus is located inlfuence students to drink?. I think my paper provide some good information on the regualtion and sell of alcohol and what the government van do to prevent a lot of alcohol stores that surrounds a campus.

In my annotated…

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In my annotated Bib. I have covered almost all my topics that I chosen to covered. These topics include the environment, alcohol outlets, regulation of sales and the nature of the Universityl. Most of the questions that I had was answered in the conference, which was the difference between assessment and reflection. I came across another question that I’m going to have to ask one on one. I have not strarted on the Review of LIterature but I hope to start that by the weekend. In the confernce we were also discussing ways in which I can make a video for the Gov’t by getting more people involved and sending a message. I have to admit that I’m a little scared to start the video process because i’m not that good with technology especially adding and taking away certain things.