Research Proposal

Published February 23, 2012 by 1300karisma

              For my research topic I have decided to research on Binge drinking and my initial research question is what causes college students to binge drink? Binge drinking is defined as a male who consumed five or more drinks ans a female who consumed four or more drinks in a row at least once in a two week period. I have choosen this topic because over the last couple of months that I have been at this university, I have seen close friends and other people that I don’t know drunk and sprawled out on the floor. I know that they were freshmans and that some did and did not drink until they came to college. I’m interested in learning more about Binge drinking because I don’t understand why people would put thier bodies through such drastic measures that can potentially kill them. A mutual friend that I know consumed over twenty shots in one night because he was bored and needed somthing to do. This is ridiculous if your bored read a book, excercise or something else that interests you.

I think this problem should be address because I have seen to many of my friends and people that I don’t know rush to the hospital and recieving a pink ticket from the university because of thier excessive drinking. This research topic fits into this course theme: Community Health and Wellness because its a health behavior that effects the community especially amongst teens and young adults under the age of twenty one. This unhealthy behavior can lead to serious health related problems like alcohol posioning, liver disease, Cirrhosis, Anemia and Pancreatitis. Binge drinking or drinking alcohol period can make you do certain activities that you don’t usually don’t do but with alcohol in your system you do it like sex or any other unsafe activities. I know a girl that usually have intercourse when she is drunk because she says thats when her hormones are active and she doesn’t feel any emotions tellling her not to do it.

What I already know about my topic is that it can do extreme harm to your body and that too many people that I know are effected by it. I know that they have did some research saying that it usually happens amongst freshmans and sorority anf fraternitys members. I know for a fact that it is cause by a way of people copping with stress.

What I want to find out about Binge drinking is what causes students to Binge drink during thier first year of college, Being on this campus why isn’t there more preventative actions helping to make it an alcohol free campus and according to NIAAA why most communties that campuses are located have a couple of liqour stores nearby.

I will look for this information first in the UNCP handbook about the drinking policy and consequences. I will also look in the library and on the library databases. I will alos look at convient stores around campus that sells alcohol and at the prices.


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