Why Place Matters

Published January 27, 2012 by 1300karisma

In the reading  “Why Place Matters: Building the Movement for Healthy Communities”, I found that there are four main components that affect a community health. Below is a list of these components along with a little summary about each one.

1.Economic: Employment opportunities available to the residents in the community that provide health benefits and homeownership. The presence of local services like grocery stores and banks that provide attraction to a community. 

2.Social: Diversity in the communities that enables a person to learn from one another, Support Groups for the old and young to help influence one another, and community leadership that provides access to services.

3.Physical: Going Green, Access to parks and other physical activities, affordable non pollutant housing and access to transportation services within the community for employment opportunities.

4. Service: Affordable health services provided within the community, Public safety which creates a safe environment to individuals and families and community service like schools, parks, churches etc. that influence community interactions.

After the reading of  “Why place Matters” I did some research on Robeson County. I chose Robeson County because it’s where I go to school and I wanna learn more about it. In the Health Factors of Robeson County I found that it is ranked 100 out of 100 with adult obesity and sexual transmitted infections (Chlamydia) being at the top of the factors. Upon this shocking news there is about 1500 individuals to one physician. The Social and Economic Factors also is ranked 100 out of 100 with about 40% of students attending college and more than half of the population living with a single parent. Upon these statistics of Robeson County I would consider it not healthy, especially with the high rate of chlamydia. There are to many factors that inhibit the community to grow the first being the lack of physicians and services. A hospital or nearby clinic is a distant away and there is hardly any reliable transit services to provide such service. The second being a lack of support from each other to encourage each other to go to college or training program for a better life. These are some key factors that I pointed out that need some improvement to make Robeson County a better place.


2 comments on “Why Place Matters

  • You made some good points. Robeson County do lack physicians and health services. If there were more around here, then there would be healthier people in Robeson County.

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